Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Year, New Blog, New Name....Well Kind Of

When I first started this blog it was supposed to be something of a current events blog to help me understand and get more into politics. Obviously that hasn't worked out and this has evolved into the hodge podge of whatever I feel like posting that you see today.

Being as I've had a bit of a writer's block for the past three weeks, I took some time to reflect on my blog and where I want to take it. I feel like I've been somewhat stagnating with a couple of questions and problems that have been plaguing the blog behind the scenes. There are so many posts that I've had ideas for, I just didn't know how to execute them so they were never done. For some reason I've been getting increasingly anxious about doing too many 'silly' posts. Posts that have no meaning other than to share some interesting pictures with stupid commentary.

Case in point, I follow a page on Facebook called Gothic Culture and they post a lot of pictures of pretty, gothic people in pretty, gothic poses. One of the things I like to do on Facebook is share the pictures with a small, silly story that kind of makes fun of the pic in a light hearted way. I wanted to do a blog post with a couple of the ones I have done just to share and be silly and I keep stopping myself. Or like when I try my hand at food blogging. I'm not really that much of a foodie, just a wannabe one that wants to learn how to cook. I have no intentions of turning this into a food blog, but I think it is fun to see my screw up/learn and hopefully people learn with me. I also just like sharing things, especially weird or neat food related websites I find like Chocomize.

'But that's too silly and has no point! People are going to think you're a dork! Write something with substance!' My brain yells at me. Then I argue back that I am a dork, and I do write things of substance...and promptly don't blog anyway. Good going me.

I also get stuck when writing posts because for some reason I've gotten it into my head that every single post has to have some sort of explanatory first paragraph that segues into the actual post. I'm not always good at that and sometimes it just feels too awkward. Not everything needs this witty first paragraph, some things should just be jumped into. I know this, but find it weird to apply it.

Another thing I've been wondering about is myself and outlook on life. A couple of months back I changed my pen name. If you follow my Facebook or Twitter account this would be apparent as I'm no longer named Addy DelaMorte but Addy von DenToten. I did it because my real last name is German and I really like the new German moniker. Also the French one, while pretty and flowery to be sure, was misspelled. Although you could always argue that it was Americanized since I am American, we all know deep down it's just misspelled, haha. That along with the fact that I've grown throughout the years and some viewpoints have changed made me wonder if I shouldn't just delete this blog or some past posts and start afresh.

But I'm lazy and that sounds like a pain in the ass and a lot of work. Plus I really hate deleting things just because you are no longer the same now as you were 5 or even 1 year ago. I'm quite anti-deleting except for only the most serious of cases.

So here's my new start for this new year.

More silly posts. No more self censorship. More hodge podge then ever before. No more fear. I'm also probably going to start ticking off that list of old posts that I've been wanting to do.

Hello, my name is Addy von DenToten. Welcome to my blog.


  1. Awesome news Addy! I'm glad you've got a new perspective and a new commitment to blogging because I do enjoy reading your randomness. Write whatever the hell you want to write about, whether it's goth culture, cooking, politics, or anything else.

    I've had so many stops and starts on my blog I nearly deleted it over Christmas break just because I was tired of my own thoughts. I call myself 'the pedestrian writer' but i never write anymore and i only walk when i absolutely have to. I'd rename my blog but... I can't think of anything that accurately describes me while also sounding somewhat unique. :;shrug::

    My blog has sort of morphed into depressing thoughts and i write less because nothing has really changed there and no one wants to read about sad things. But I'm feeling somewhat better so I'm back here, hopefully on a regular basis (until the next hibernating sad panda episode hits me) So I'm gonna hold you to that promise you've made to blog more frequently and honestly :-D

  2. Glad you're back. All I write is silliness and wonder if there should be more substance. Then I think, "Nah, screw it." I write because it's fun for me. If others enjoy it, cool, if not, well, not everything is for everybody. Good luck with the new start.


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