Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New Sim On The Block

There is a new Sims coming out. Last I read it was scheduled for fall of this year. My friend is excited for it and can't wait to buy it. I'm having mixed feelings about it. The design of the Sim people themselves seem a bit more cartoony compared to the design of the Sims 3. The new way of designing your Sim looks like it could be really easy and awesome, or a pain in the ass with misclicks. I do love the look of the new way of designing houses. It is interesting how they renovated the controls for designing people though, and I do like that they are adding more actions based on your Sims emotions. Here's a trailer that showcases some of the changes.

You go Ollie. Fuck Andre, that violin playing bastard.

Here's another trailer/demo that is a bit more recent, and has a delightful accent to guide you through it.

From the Youtube comments, the uploader of the video side noted:

"To all complaining about the graphics, keep in mind that for
1) Gameplay is more important than graphics
2) It'll run well on your PC's if it isnt ultra realistic looking
3) The graphics are a great mix between realism and "cartoony".
4) You won't notice the cartooniness (not a word, I know), because of the great animations and everything.
Let me know what you think :)"

I do think the photorealism of the past Sims games is something I would really miss, but the graphics don't look bad at all and I'm happy about the new animations.

With all this talk about a new Sims coming out, I asked my friend JessJess what she would like to see in the newer games and this is the result of both of our brainstorming.

Curly/wavy hair options -
I don't know what it is about curly hair that the game developers are against, but it was so hard in Sims 2 and 3 to find any kind of option for it. Even with some of the user created downloadable content. A lot of the hair seemed to be straight hair. Or if it was curly, it was curled (as in styled hair, not naturally curly hair). I would like to see some curly and wavy options from the get go in the design-a-Sim without having to go online for it.

The ability to swim in the ocean -
To be able to swim in the ocean you had to have the Seasons expansion pack. My friend told me that some of the stuff from the expansion packs in the Sims 2 were included in the base Sims 3 game. I can't remember any specifics she gave me, but it would be nice to see this included in the base game. I also think it would be neat to be able to buy a jet ski to use, or have some other beach related content like a beach volleyball net already on a neighborhood beach like in the Vacation expansion.

A nerd or otaku expansion pack -
JessJess was talking about the Supernatural expansion, and how she wanted to create a werecat type of creature instead of a werewolf. She thought it would be neat to have some sort of catgirl, which immediately made me think of anime. If they did do some sort of nerd/otaku expansion here's some things I'd like to see come with it.
  1. Catgirls, obviously.
  2. A new fanboy/fangirl trait. Sims with this trait would have some sort of geeky snicker or laugh. Much like the 'freak out' option for Sims with a neurotic trait, this trait would give Sims a 'fangirl/boy out' option or action when they see something nerd or anime related. Even funnier, if your Sim is fangirling out other Sims without the fangirl trait will start to ignore your Sim, move away, and get slightly annoyed by them. If your Sim is fangirling over another Sim (because they had anime hair with an anime outfit for instance) and they move away before they're done, then yours will follow them until they're finished. They also would have the option to 'share my fandom' with others and tell them about the nerdy things that they like, like manga/comics, cartoons, ect.
  3. Sims without the bookworm, fanboy, bot fan, computer whiz, and good sense of humor traits will not like it when yours tells a joke. They will think it's lame and get a negative sign if you choose that interaction. Or optionally they wouldn't get a negative sign, but they wouldn't get a positive one either, and would just roll their eyes.
  4. New anime inspired hair, eyes, and outfits.
  5. The ability to go to conventions. At first I thought it would be neat if there could be some sort of convention center to add to the town, but I don't know how that would play out. Instead, I think it would be cool if you had an option to go to a convention by clicking on your car. Your Sim would be gone for a day and come back with all moodlets elevated except for the rest moodlet, which would be low. They would be missing 1,000 simoleons (conventions can get expensive). You would also be able to call and invite up to three friends to go with you as long as they had the traits from number 3, or were at a high friendship/romantic level with you.
  6. A comic book store to add to your town. I know there is a bookstore for the Sims, but this would be specifically for comics, graphic novels, and maybe even tiny figurines your Sim could buy.
  7. A new career option of Comic Book Artist with the ability to do signings and appearances at the comic book store if they get promoted high enough.

An arcade for your town - One with arcade specific games like skeeball. It would have a claw machine with 5-6 toys that you can only get from playing the machine. There would be another 5 or so toys you can get from the clerk, but only if you collect enough tickets. If you have a child or teen Sim who is angry or upset, you could momentarily cheer them up by giving them your tickets if you have any.

Day walker vampires - Instead of just having normal vampires, there would be day walker types as well. They would die of old age eventually, but have a greatly extended life span compared to human Sims and would be able to go out in the sunlight without any ill effects to their moodlet. Normal vampires would automatically have immortality and won't age past adulthood. If day walkers have children with other day walkers there is an equal random chance that the child will be born as a human, vampire, or day walker. Obviously this would change if they had children with other vampires or humans because genetics. If a child is born as a vampire, they stop aging at young adult.

Height slider in create-a-sim - Just for more options sake.

Last name options after marriage - I'm tired of always having to take the last name of the person who proposed marriage first. I would like an option of either keeping your last name, takin theirs, or hyphenating the name.

I have no clue what all the new Sims 4 will bring with it, or what type of expansion packs they will have, but it's nice to entertain ideas.

What would you most like out of the new Sims?


  1. I'm going to apologize ahead of time for the insane spacing dilemma in this post. I tried to space the paragraphs away from the videos then all hell broke loose and now Blogger won't let me change it. :(

  2. It looks fixed to me (the spacing thing). I think I want out of a new Sims what we've all as a species wanted out of a Sims game from the very first iteration, a hanky panky expansion pack. A super-lewd and graphic (in terms of bits, not what you can see) sex option. Is that too much to ask?

    1. Actually...I approve this. I think it would be funny. Did you know they got rid of being able to woohoo in dressing rooms in the Sims 3? That's so dumb, I thought that option was funny as heck.


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