Thursday, April 3, 2014

Gypsy Vape

One of the worst things about quitting smoking is getting cravings, even years after the fact, for a cigarette. It makes me wish I had never started smoking to begin with. I've been buying the disposable Blu e-cigarettes whenever I get really stressed and get the urge to smoke. To me it's real enough of a simulation that it helps and I don't have to worry about getting back into the habit of buying a pack a day, or deal with smelling like an ashtray. My only qualm with them has been that they have nicotine and there is no non-nicotine option for an over the counter disposable one. Sometimes I feel jittery after smoking them. Plus, they cost about 11 dollars per go. My friend Amanda thought it was time I got my own vaporizer if I was going to be continuously buying them. I agreed. Enter Gypsy Vape.

Gypsy Vape is located in Catonsville. They are a new store, having just opened in the beginning of March of this year. The store is manned by husband-wife duo Amo and Jen and their friend Rick. All of the owners are friendly and you can obviously tell from the moment you step into the store that they are enthusiastic about their work and what they do.

Amo and Jen
Walking into Gypsy Vape I first noticed how very spacious everything was. Much like the owner's welcoming personalities, the layout is very open. There are a couple of tasting stations behind the register area with disposable tips so you can try before you buy and they even have a lounge area in the back. For now it is just a TV and a couple pieces of furniture surrounded by the relaxing blue theme the store has going. A nice little area that you can just sink into and chill out with your friends. Amo has told me they want to expand on the lounge and add more seating and commodities to it.

The prices for the vapes and liquid themselves are more than affordable from what limited I've been exposed to on and offline. Especially their starter kits for those, like myself, who are just beginning their foray into the world of e vapes. I bought the E-Vod kit. It came with two vapes, a wall charger and computer charger for the battery, and a nice little carrying case that holds two bottles of liquid. Although I manage to squeeze two mini bottles in there as well. The kit itself is 34.99. I bought a kit, two mini bottles, and two regular sized bottles of liquid. My price came to around 50 dollars. I was happy since I thought I was going to spend more than I actually did and because I also bought enough liquid that I am one stamp away from getting a free one according to their store card.

One of the things about Gypsy Vape that I really liked, besides the pricing and friendly atmosphere, is if you learn more by doing then reading like I do, the owners take the time to give first timers a little vape 101 before they leave. Learning beforehand how to load a vape without spilling liquid everywhere (as I accidently did when switching flavors at the tasting station) is great. The owners definitely won't let you leave the store dumbfounded.

One last thing before I barrage you with more photos from my trip. As if my fellow Baltimoreans and Catonsvillagers didn't need even more of a reason to visit this place, this weekend they are holding a charity event for cancer research. From their Facebook:

"Visit GYPSY VAPE on April 5th and 6th to take part in our ‘Vape for Cancer’ event.

Cancer comes in many forms, and it has touched many peoples’ lives. We at Gypsy Vape in Catonsville Maryland want to do something to help those who have suffered, and continue to suffer with cancer. On April 5th and the 6th Gypsy Vape will donate all of the proceeds from the sale of our two most popular flavors to cancer research (Sweet Tartz & The Kingmaker). We hope to get a sizeable donation for the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda Maryland.

Your donations will be used to train young scientists and equipping clinical laboratories for cancer research. Funds donated will be used in the NIH Patient Emergency Fund, which provides assistance to patients in financial need.

The Gypsy Vape’s ‘Sweet Tartz’ tastes like the popular candy; with the sweet flavor of berries blended with the tart of green apple. Our ‘Kingmaker’ is a balanced blend of berries with a cool after taste. Fred Nelson, a beloved local actor in the Maryland area, named the ‘Kingmaker’.

Come on down to help make a difference and show your support for those in need. Cash donations will be more than welcomed for the National Cancer Institute."

Sweet Tartz was one of the bigger bottles that I bought from them I can vouch that it does taste like your childhood candy and is amazing. Definitely one of the flavors you should buy when visiting.

So please like Gypsy Vape on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Most importantly though, if you live in the Baltimore/Catonsville area or around there, don't forget to visit them and take part in their cancer research event this weekend!

The tasting stations with both Nicotene and Non-nicotine flavor option

E-Vod starter kits

More kits and chargers

Very awesome iphone charger and vape battery bought and being modeled by my friend Amanda and her hand. Charges for 5 hours, works for about 7 days. And you can charge your phone from it if you're in bind and it's dying. Amazing gadget.  

Cute little charms all made by Jen herself.

Another one, not so little, for the bigger models.