Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fourth/Fifth Installment of Random Thoughts

Why do the beds in Star Trek's sick bays never have handrails? Or something to help keep patients from rolling off? Every hospital I've ever been to the beds have had something, even if you had to set it up. Maybe we're supposed to believe that there is some sort of gravity shield to keep them in place, but I've never seen mention of anything. Those beds are a liability.

Sometimes when I massage my hands because they're cramped or whatever, I'm afraid I'm going to massage my muscle right off the bone. That is such a weird worry. It's mainly when I massage the palm of my hand near my thumb. Just feels weird.

In the story of Snow White, do you think the dwarves remembered to roll her when she was sleeping? I feel that story should have ended with her waking up with bed sores or something. Same thing with Sleeping Beauty, especially since Princess Aurora was asleep longer than Snow White.

I kind of miss the fact that old phone didn't have spellcheck. Now when you drunk or sleepy text people everything is spelled correctly and everyone thinks that ball of crazy came from a well rested, sober you.

The Andorians sometimes remind me of the McPoyle clan from Always Sunny. Especially Shran. Sometimes his facial features totally look like those of Liam McPoyle.

Like seriously, look at these two mongooses.

 photo shranmcpoyle_zps482b5ade.png
Pictures taken from both here and here respectively. 

And now there seriously needs to be a fanfic where the Andorians are the Mcpoyle brothers and clan. Captain Archer is played by Frank, Charlie is Tripp, T'Pol is The Waitress, Mac and Dennis are both in charge of Lt.Reed's job, Dr.Jinx from the 'Charlie's Mom Has Cancer' episode is Dr.Phlox, and Sweet Dee is Hoshi. Artemis can be an Orion slave girl.


  1. Haha, these were awesome. Sounds like the kind of ponderings that two best friends would have in a comic book store or fanboy movie. I think like that sometimes, when I'm in an especially inquisitive mood. Or I'm just being a smart ass. I can't think of a really good example, but yesterday I was watching baseball and the announcer was discussing two slumping hitters by saying "Carlos Santana hasn't been hitting much at all this month, and on the other hand, Nick Swisher...same exact thing." And i'm like "dude, you can't use the other hand that way. It's supposed to contrast what is theoretically in the first hand, dummy!"

    Wifey looked at me funny and thought I was reading too much into the announcer's comment. On the other hand...I'm probably over thinking it. Ha.

    1. On the one hand, that was pretty adorable....and on the other, that was cute, lol.

  2. haha I never noticed the sick bay beds have no handles, Ill have to watch for that the next time I'm watching the original series. You're references are perfect, star trek and always sunny haha :D

    1. Thank you! ^_^

      I'm surprised the no handle beds went past the writers of the show. :p


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