Sunday, June 29, 2014

Lunch Food Cooter Queen

There is nothing quite like accidentally publishing a blank blog with a title like 'Lunch Food Cooter Queen' to get you off your ass and actually writing the damn post lest some poor, unknowing reader stumble upon it and spend the next month wondering, 'But what does it all mean?', as if they came upon some trashy Da Vinci code.

I came across this video on r/cringe. It was one of those things you just have to share with other people, y'know, to spread the awkward so it doesn't congregate in only one place. Albeit a month down the road though because I'm an awful procrastinator.

I sincerely wish I was there when this video was filmed and this was a private video of mine. Seriously. This weird shit is right up my alley. We're just watching this video, but all those people in that room have one weird-ass personal story to tell.  Which is why I defend the video from detractors. I don't understand people that wouldn't want to see this.

Honestly, if I had nothing better to do on a Friday night and a friend of mine came up to me and said, "Hey Addy, do you wanna go watch a girl piss Spaghettios out of her cooch? I mean, she's going to do some talking at first; some of it's going to make sense at first but not really and you won't be able to connect the first bit to the last in a coherent way. But more importantly, coochios."

I would give them a resounding yes, because this is how weird adventures start out. Just you, a friend, an apartment full of weirdos, and some crazy chick dumping soup into her cooter.

God bless America.

This video kind of reminds me of Dave Attell's stand up about Jaeger.

It just seems like something you'd wind up doing, or seeing, at the end of a night of black out drinking. And if your night ends with Lunch Food Cooter Queen up there... then just hang your hat and call it a night because chances are, you're not topping that.

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  1. I commented earlier, but Blogger ate it for breakfast. I know I said something about your 'ghost post' and how it said something cool like "dude, did you break the internet or something?" Also, I've deleted a couple of my own posts and probably confused whatever readers I have left.

    Oh YouTube...the hijinks people perform never ceases to amaze me. Keep spreading all that awkwardness around :-D


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