Thursday, September 11, 2014


There were two girls named Kayla and Kara. Though they were friends they were also mean and competitive, especially in their instances of cruelty. Any slight that was visited upon the other was met with an overblown retribution.

When Kayla snuck up on Kara and snipped off the end of her ponytail as a joke, Kara snuck up on Kayla a day later and cut off her whole braid.

When Kara accidentally lost one of Kayla's CD's, Kayla waited until Kara went to the bathroom and then broke all of hers in half.

And when Kayla, during an argument, broke off the head of Kara's special edition collector's doll and threw it on her bed, she woke up the next day with the decapitated heads of her parents staring at her from the foot of hers.

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