Friday, October 31, 2014

Growing Psychic Awareness Meditation

I find it funny that my Witches Almanac book gives a psychic awareness spell for Samhain as well. Seems we're on the

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I looked for a bad joke eel, guess I'll have to do with a bad joke Cast-eel (Seriously, I will fucking stop. I was also told by my friends that that's not how you pronounce his name anyway so this sucks on both levels).

I came up with this meditation a couple of months ago. I've been trying to get back into meditating but I keep having too many intrusive thoughts and it always kind of shook me out of that relaxed state. Especially if story ideas and plot lines come into play. Until I heard this quote by someone whose name escapes me. It said something about your thoughts being like clouds and you are the mountain. You let your thoughts flow by and are unmoved by them. I have seriously just spent the past half hour googling it online and can't find where I found it before, but this article I found kind of explains what I'm trying to ineloquently say.

This gave me the idea of, I guess it's a sort of guided meditation. I didn't record my voice or anything like that, but it's a meditation with a specific purpose so it's kind of the same? I don't know. Anywhoozles it's to help increase your psychic awareness.

Start by envisioning yourself standing by a watering can on a cliff jutting out the side of a mountain. Or on a mountain cliff, you know I really don't care what your fucking mind's eye's mountain looks like, this is just how mine worked. Obviously it'll be different for everyone. Either way, this space should be a space of peace and where you feel most comfortable.  Love hot weather and sun? See yourself in full sun with bright skies. Like muggy weather? On a mountain in the fog.

Spend a little time getting to know your surroundings and take in how you think everything should look. Look to the sides and see your landscape. Look up, are there birds or is the sky clear? I have no clue, it's all you dude.

The cliff, or wherever you're standing on the mountain, should be grassy though.   A vibrant, bright green grass. The ground is soft and nourishing with a life giving energy to it.

See yourself cupping your hands in front of you. In them you are holding an amethyst crystal. Dig a hole in the dirt in front of you and bury the crystal like a seed. Water the spot with your watering can you were standing beside.

After you do this, sit in front of the spot with your legs crossed and eyes closed. Or envision yourself laying down if this is more comfortable for you.

While sitting, you want to think about the amethyst crystal growing in power from your care and the help of the elements. If it helps, imagine your third eye opening as well while you meditate. You want to meditate on the thought of your mind becoming more open to perceiving the world around you as your eyes cannot.

It probably should be worth mentioning that this is supposed to be a series of meditations. Each time you meditate you should begin by seeing yourself standing on your cliff by your watering can. Begin each session by watering your crystal. With each session you should imagine your amethyst growing stronger and stronger and a flower growing out of the spot the stronger it grows. As your flower grows, so to should your psychic awareness. Your flower can look however you want it to. It can be made out of the crystal you buried, or any purple flower you like. If you want to focus your psychic ability on a certain aspect, the color of the flower should probably represent that (as in if you want this to be all about perceiving things in the context of relationships or something, make the flower red).

You can end the series when the flower is in full bloom, or continue it and just use that spot as your own rest spot to go to in your mind's eye when you're feeling stressed.

I hope this works for whoever does it. I also hope everyone has a Happy Samhain, or Halloween, or just a good day and night all around.


  1. cool stuff - i dig it.

    I remember in high school, a tennis instructor tried to get a bunch of teens to do Transcendental Meditation in a darkened room. "You feel a coolness on the forehead. . ." he repeated, mantra like. You can imagine the actual antics going on . . .

    1. Thank you. ^_^

      Yeah, I can not imagine transcendental meditation going over well with goofy teens, lol. Although just a simple meditation and basic breathing exercizes when we were teaching our scouts about stress relief did go over well. :p


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