Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tigercon 2014: The Cosplayers

Last Saturday was Tigercon, a free anime convention at Towson University. Since Jessie and JessJess Creations was there to hawk their wares, so was I to help said hawking. I brought my undependable iPhone with me just in case I saw cosplayers. I'm not sure why I thought there would be less cosplayers than there was. Probably because Tigercon is only one day, but I learned you should never underestimate cosplayers and their love for their art even if it's for a day.

Sollux Captor - Homestuck

I've only read a little bit of the comic, but I love Homestuck cosplay. Especially of the trolls. They're so cute and interesting looking.

Anna - Frozen

Grell and Sebastian - Black Butler

Grell's makeup was very good, so good it kept making me want to apologize for holding them up from their con because they looked sad/worried. I also love the shark teeth, I think they're cute. I wonder if they bought or made them?

Fluttershy - My Little Pony

I honestly think this was, hands down, one of the cutest cosplays I saw that day, and the cosplayer themselves was so nice and sweet.

Belle and Beast - Beauty and the Beast

Beast's detachable head reminded me of an old Ken doll I used to have.

River Song and Eleventh Doctor - Doctor Who

Jeff, Sam, and Louise - Jeff the Killer, Trick 'r Treat, Bob's Burgers

How fitting is it that Louise is walking around with Jeff the Killer and Sam? I don't know about you, but their characters being friends is now my official headcanon. 


This person isn't cosplaying a character, but is instead dressed up in the Japanese fashion of Shironuri. At first I thought they were mixing Cult Party Kei with Gothic Lolita. I'm sad that I didn't ask her for a close up picture of her face. This picture does well to showcase her clothing, but does a disservice to the beautiful eye makeup she had on. Lots of pretty dots and lines fading away to the outer edges of her face. 

Levi - Attack on Titan

Their contouring work is so good. I wonder if any of these cosplayers and con attendants ever do makeup or any tutorials on YouTube, or anywhere else. Tell me your secrets! 

Lilith - Borderlands II

This cosplayer told me she had to wake up an hour earlier to draw her blue tattoos. I'm just surprised she only had to wake an hour earlier to do this. 

An Autumn Faun

Not an anime character, just something of her own amazing creation. I couldn't stop myself from looking every time she walked by, especially at her hair. It was so pretty and the glitter on the leaves in her hair shined just right as well. Sometimes I think it's hard to get glitter to work correctly, but everything about this costume was on pointe to me. 

Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians

Finally we have Jack Frost who had the patience of a goddamn saint. Poor cosplayer had to sit through a dying iPhone and three tries with my friends phone before the picture would take.

I want to thank all the con-goers who let me take their picture and the people who stopped to buy from us, take our cards, or even just talk to us. Awesome people like you are what makes these Artist Alley's worth going to. That and money.

Here is the link to my Imgur album where I have even more pictures of cosplayers:

Tomorrow I will be putting up links and showcasing some of the Artist Alley's sellers.

By the by, while I was looking up a tutorial for Grell's teeth, I also happened to run across this video someone made with a way to get the look without making or buying a mold. Very neat and interesting, not to mention you can use it for other teeth makeup needs like rotting teeth for a zombie, or missing teeth for...whatever.


  1. Wow, I need to study up on my nerdery because I was only able to identify a handful of these and I thought of myself as a trafficker and consumer in the nerdy arts.

    1. Oh don't worry, so was I. In fact some of my time was spent going, "I love your costume...who the hell are you?" or trying to quickly google their character who I barely remembered before I called out to them for a picture. lol. That's what I also like about cosplay though. The players I've encountered are more than glad to tell you about their costume and what anime/fashion/whatever it comes from, so you learn something and maybe get into a new anime or manga because of it. It's one of the reasons I started reading Homestuck.

  2. If you are going to Katsucon this year, The Fluttershy mentioned in this blog will be there!!

    1. Unfortunately I do not have the money or the time off to do so but I hope you and Fluttershy have fun! I will hopefully be at Otakon since it's the last year, but Jessie and JessJess creations will not be because of how Otakon seems to be screwing over their artists of Artists Alley. Sadness. D:


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