Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tigercon 2014: The Sellers

The Wayward Rabbit were our booth neighbors. Unfortunately unlike the last Otakon I attended I didn't really spend much time getting to know them or talking to them. I was kind of an aloof booth neighbor this time around. I did, however, manage to get a glimpse of what they were selling and snagged their card.

The Wayward Rabbit sells beautiful and mythical looking leather masks, cute clay figurines, and hair pieces. All of them so far are extremely affordable. One of the more intricate and bigger masks on the website only costs 50 dollars and the leather hair clips go as low as 10.

You can follow them on Facebook.
Technoangel Studios booth caught my eye with their funny buttons and cute 'Like a purr' cat shirt. I'm kind of sad that I didn't buy one of their rating buttons when I had the chance because I can't find it on their store, but they do take commissions for artwork and buttons so there's that.

You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.
I found Nakita of Maka's Needlepoint working on a replica of a Doctor Who scarf as I was walking around.  Their shop offers a variety of scarves and cute needlepoints, any item of hers can be custom made. Nakita Albarn also happens to be a professional cosplay model as well (and a very good one in my opinion).

You can follow her store on Facebook, or her cosplay page. Her Model Mayhem number is 2339992.
Wayward Studios has interesting comics, the one that caught my attention at their booth was Jikoshia. I like the artwork, which is a more westernized anime style, and the synopsis:

" Nifty was just a normal girl trying to breeze her way through high school.
That is, until she took a dare.

After opening a seemingly harmless door, Nifty discovered the world of Jikoshia. Now she must take on the role of a hero of legend in order to stop Lord Vei's plans for war.

But things are not always what they seem..."

You can find all of their comics on their store along with cards, bookmarks, and buttons for sale. You can also follow them on Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter.
What first drew me to Alyssa M. Torres was the sketchy look of the art she had up. I love sketch art. Based out of DC, she also makes animations, comics, and mobile games for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Check out her shop and follow her on Tumblr.
Absolut Qualitee has some really adorable bead sprites and cross stitches. I especially liked their Groot beading. They do not have a store yet and mainly sell at Tigercon, but the seller told me they have done commissions through e mail before, so follow them on Facebook.
Her name is Chantal Moosher and she draws weird things for you to look at! The owner of the Lil' UFO tumblr certainly does have some weird and creative pieces like her Breakfast Robot and Centaur Fluttershy. I adore her drawings and the colors she uses really make them pop.

You can find her store here.
Besides having a tongue twister of a name, Omnomopoeia makes handmade video game jewelry, plushies, and more; including this cool green Super Kick Shell.

Follow them on Facebook and Twitter, or follow their Blog.
The booth Gap 'n' Pigtail was comprised of Dasia Leonard and Aiby. I really liked the artwork they had to display at their booth. Probably stared a bit longer at it than is socially acceptable.

You can follow Aiby on her Facebook page here and she can also be found on Tumblr, Dasia's Facebook is here.

Dasia is available for community events, parties, and special occasions as a caricature artist as well as designing t-shirts and logos as a graphic designer. Aiby is a digital and graphic designs major who is currently taking small commissions. Both of them were very nice, so don't be shy about contacting them.
Aurora Clothiers by Allen Gale has the plushiest pillows I've ever felt and the Etsy store is filled with all these gorgeous dresses and items for cosplayers. Take a look at the listing for Belle's ballgown. Fucking amazing.

You can follow them on Facebook.
Aroc Gaming makes and sells dice bags, tabletop figures, and painted D20's. Their bags have fun and cute patterns like french fries, bacon, and peacocks. I wanted to buy one of her TMNT themed D20's but everyone always buys the damn Raphaels before I can get to them!

Follow Aroc on Twitter or Facebook.
Kinder Bat are creators of cozy and fluffy tails, ears and hats, most of which are inspired by some animal or creature.

Follow them on Facebook.
Last, but not least (and bless you for getting down this far), is Hiddentalent Illustrations. I was actually able to buy something from her, and I absolutely love it. She specializes in creating beautiful and cute works of art out of paper collages. When I first saw them I thought she had painted them until I got a better look. She sells prints both large and small.

You can find her on Facebook which is where her store front is located as well, or on Tumblr.

My print that I bought

So ends my post of the Tigercon artists and sellers. I recommend supporting your indie artists and following all of them in some format.

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