Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Reality Shows I'd Like To See

I dick around way too much when I'm actually supposed to be doing things and these ideas were the results. I really hate reality shows. I'm not sure I've ever watched one that I genuinely liked and stuck with it besides Kathy Griffin's show. Even that one I stopped watching as time went on. Somewhat odd when you think about the fact that I like spoofs of reality TV like Trailer Park Boys. However, if these shows were on, I might think about giving reality TV another shot.

A Walking Dead reality show:

There should be a show like survivor crossed with the Walking Dead, just without all the voting people out crap because I couldn't care less how many of your team members hate Joey. I have no clue how you'd work out the weapon system with zombie actors and such, especially since weapons can have more than one use like a knife. If you had a fake knife you can't really cut something with it if you needed to, so maybe there should be 'in game' weapons you could only use like a nerf bat or something. I don't know.

It would also be neat to insert some of the characters from the Walking Dead world or some composite character based off of those characters for people to run across. However considering there are people like the Claimers and such it would probably have to be toned down a lot.

The Purge:

Kind of like the above in a sense. It would work something like paintball with nerf bats and things like that thrown in.  People would be randomly dropped on the playing field designed to look like a small city or town and you have to take each other out over the course of the next 12 hours, or however long the purge was in the movie. I forgot, I'm going to be honest. If you survive the length of the Purge, you win 10,000 dollars and a cruise, because cruises sound fucking awesome.

Which Are You Better At Surviving?

Sometimes I daydream about apocalypse scenarios, or whatever, when I'm bored at work or watching something like Dual Survival. It gets me thinking. If something were to happen and I had to get out of dodge, would I actually make it? And what scenarios could I best survive in?

That's what this show would determine. The environments would be broken up into three groups: Hot, Cold, and Urban. So basically a hotter than normal environment, one that's cold, and a city type place. You have a week in each. Get injured or can't go on for some reason, you're out. Then you get like a week to recuperate from each. That would just be crazy to keep plunking you down in different places with no adjustment.

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