Thursday, November 27, 2014

This Has Nothing To Do With Thanksgiving

For Trevor's birthday his father had gotten him a metal detector. Little Trevor had jumped up and down hugging the box and shouting 'Thank you!' at the top of his lungs. Although he loved having his friends over, he could hardly wait for them to leave so he could play with his new toy.

With only close family left to catch up with each other and his friends gone, his father finally allowed him to go outside with his metal detector with a warning to stay in the yard. Bundled up in a warm coat and with a small spade in his free hand, he dawdled at the tree line towards the end of the yard until he knew nobody was watching him. Trevor loved the woods. He knew there had to be treasure in there, and who ever heard of treasure being buried in backyards.

Fifty feet from his house his detector sounded off. Trevor set to work digging at the earth with his spade. A mere foot under the dirt, just before Trevor gave up, his spade glanced off something metal. It was a small box. The boy's face lit up as his little fingers pried open the rusted top. Inside was a sheet of paper covering the contents of the box, it read: "To all the girls I've loved before." He removed the paper and immediately dropped the box back into the hole. Inside were five fingers, now nothing more than bone. Each one was adorned with a wedding band.

A short horror story for you to read on Thanksgiving. Sorry for any errors, but food is calling me and it's more important than editing right now.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope all the annoying and rude people in your life get a turkey coma long before you do so you can have some respite today.


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