Thursday, December 4, 2014

Better Living Through Spelling Mistakes

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I can't remember where I found this online but I found it. Probably Pinterest. At first like the many people who shared this I laughed, because not only was this the work of one misjudgment but two. I can understand someone making a spelling mistake like this, it's quite common, but what was the tattooist's problem? It was that last thought that made me think, what if it was meant to be on purpose?

While we're all laughing at this chick, what if she's actually getting the last laugh on us and this tattoo is really just a clever philosophical statement?

Think of it this way.

The tattoo literally says without the contraction "Live you are life" when it probably should say "Live your life". What if it was really "Live, you are life." Notice the comma and strap in because I'm about to go all hippy summer camp motivational speaker on your ass real quick.

You are living, you are breathing, you are literally life personified right now.

That is why spreading hate should be considered a tragedy. This is why we're always sad to see someone waste the life force inside of them. The very essence of life is imbued inside of you which is why you're supposed to take this world by the balls and not go gentle into the good night. We are supposed to rage against the dying of the light.

We were meant to be explorers of the world and make mistakes, to learn from them and forgive. We were meant to socialize and love. Dance, even without music or partners, to the rhythm of the universe until someone can't help but join you. We weren't meant to stay cooped up in front of computer screens succumbing to the anxiety that seems to fester in so many of us, but instead to go out and take in all that we can until we are afraid that we are like vampires and taking in all this living is going to leave our world a dried husk devoid of its earthly essence.

We were not meant to hold back but hurtle ourselves full force into the world. Feel every great and aching emotion fully and completely because that is why we are.

So go out and live, because you are life.

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