Monday, December 1, 2014

Festival Of Trees 2014

Yesterday was the last day of the Festival Of Trees so I popped on over with a iPhone made of fail to take some pictures before it was over for good. Since my phone was dying by the time I got there I tried to stick to taking pictures of some of the more memorable trees and gingerbread houses. Here are only some of the pictures I took, as always the link to the imgur album is at the bottom of the post with even more pictures.

Wedded Bliss by BB&T

Let It Go by Dankmeyer Prosthetics and Orthotics

Oh, Frozen. I can tell you are going to have a stranglehold on this holiday for years to come.

Rustic Wonderland by Arris, A Design Studio

A Christmas Carnival Game by Harvey Lane Neighbors

This one was actually really cute. You were supposed to spin for your number and then spin for your color and find an ornament with the corresponding color and number combo, then you read the Christmas fortune on the back. 

Sweet Dreams by Baltimore Marriot Waterfront

Close-up of the note on the bed.

Everything Is Awesome by

I think I liked this Lego tree out of all of them. Except for the tree that was made entirely out of block legos (In the imgur album link).

Hon Tree by Fandango Productions

My Scouts Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Close-up of some of the ornaments.

My perler bead bat I made for their tree.

Which totally looks like a bat by the way, my Scouts don't know what they're talking about. Our tree wasn't sold yet by the time I got there, but hopefully someone grabbed it up before the day ended. They worked so hard and it was such a cute theme. 

Mother Nature Boy: A Very WWE Christmas by  Kennedy Krieger Institute - International Center for Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury specialists...quite fitting.

Rest of the photos can be found in the Imgur album here.

I hope everyone that was able to go to the Festival Of Trees had fun. See you next year. ....At the festival I mean...not on the blog. Although this blog will still be around next year so I'll see you then too. 


  1. Neat-O ~! I think I like 'Hon Tree' the most on first look . . .

    1. Absolutely. Baltimore Hon' is best Hon'. :p


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