Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year, New Timeline

Darryl looked over at Chrissy's drawing. The eight year old was happily humming to herself as she drew with her classmates. While the other kids were drawing colorful little houses and animals, Chrissy was busy drawing person after person. One of them had the title 'Mom' but most of them resembled her classmates with one difference. Where eyes should have been were big, black holes. The only hint of color were tiny pinpricks of red in the center. By the way Chrissy was bearing down on her crayon, Darryl assumed it was not just an absence of color but a depth she was trying to convey. Eyeless sockets.

Darryl pulled up one of the little, plastic chairs at the drawing table and sat next to her, hands resting on his knees as he watched her start a new drawing, intrigued.

"What are you drawing Chrissy?" 

"It's Samantha."

Darryl observed her in silence a bit longer as she picked up a bright pink and drew her classmate's skirt, then used a light gray for her shirt. He watched with interest while Chrissy finished the head and the brown hair of her friend, then reached yet again for her black crayon. She completed the first outer ring of black for one eye, pressing down hard, when her abused crayon finally broke into two sending the bottom half skittering across the table. Before Chrissy could get up to retrieve her piece Darryl picked up a blue crayon and handed it to her.

"I think this is the color of Samantha's eyes, or do you think it should be a lighter blue?"

Chrissy shook her head, "No, it's black and tiny red. Just like everyone else's"

"But Samantha doesn't have black and red eyes. Is this a different Samantha?"

"No, it's the same. Her eyes are black with tiny, little red. That's how everyone's eyes are."

"My eyes aren't like that are they? I thought they were brown." 

Darryl arched his eyebrows and looked up wide-eyed to the sky as if he could see his own eyes without a mirror. Instead of smiling or laughing, Chrissy just looked at him with no expression never taking her eyes off of his.

"No, yours aren't like that. Yet."
You can make your own conclusions as to what exactly is happening to people in Chrissy's universe. I got inspired for this one shot story by a mistake I made on my weird art scratch board my sister got me for Christmas. Apparently you're supposed to scratch at the gray areas instead of the black areas and now I have a really crazy looking puffin.
Or a really neat looking one. Maybe a bit of column A and a bit of column B?

Speaking of universe's, I've been reading up on a weird theory roaming around the interweb that our timeline has joined another timeline. Or another has joined ours. Something like that. It started with someone talking about the Berenstain Bears. I think it originated from 4Chan's paranormal board. There are two groups of people. One group swears up and down the name was Berenstein and they've always pronounced it either 'steen' or 'stine'. The other group says they're nuts, it's always been 'stain', pronounced likewise, and ever shall it stay. Now there's another thing that people are talking about within the same topic. Instead of Interview With The Vampire it used to be Interview With A Vampire. Yet everything you look up says otherwise (that it's 'the vampire' and 'stain'). People have even hardcore denied the 'stain' spelling and went to look for old books, or re watched opening scenes for the Bear's TV show, to see what they remembered was wrong and it was the other that was correct.

This has led some people to believe that there were two separate time lines. One where it was 'stain' and 'a' and another where it was 'stein' and 'the'. This group also thinks that someone, I think the government or some group, has gone back to change the books and such to fit whichever time line's past their old timeline crashed into. The other group still thinks they're nuts. I seem to be in an entirely different group so perhaps we should be adding yet another timeline to the mix.

When I was a child I distinctly remember it being spelled Berenstein yet being pronounced Berenstain. I even pointed out the weird pronunciation to my grandmother once, asking her why it wasn't pronounced  'stine' or 'steen' since it was spelled that way. I remember her shrugging and just saying it was pronounced 'stain'. I also remember Anne Rice's novel/movie/whatever as being 'a' and not 'the'.

You can absolutely chalk this up to a combination of shitty memory, adults not understanding children's questions, and my memory being influence by the way I talk and pronounce things. It's completely possible that I just thought the cursive 'a' looked like an 'e' and got confused. It's also possible that my grandmother misunderstood what my little kid self was rambling about and just pointed out that it was pronounced 'stain' yet neglected to clarify that it was indeed spelt that way as well. I've also noticed that when I say Interview With A Vampire out loud, it kind of sounds like Interview With The Vampire. Instead of pronouncing it 'ayy' I say 'uh', and instead of saying 'thee' I say 'thuh' (because pronouncing it 'thee' is weird unless you're specifically emphasizing it). If you say that somewhat quickly (or even normally) it comes out as Interview With The Vampire, so this may be a reason why I and other people that say it like that were never corrected. Shitty memory and not paying attention can also explain the word change for the movie and book as well.

Either way it's kind of neat to think about even if you are with the latter of the two groups and think the former is crazy pants all the way. I did read some one's response on some forum to all of this who thought that someone traveled to the past to change something which is why one of the time lines unraveled and joined this one. All that does is lead me to ask if there are other differences people remember. Also, who are you time traveler? What insignificant thing did you alter to make such insignificant changes?

I hope everyone that reads this has a Happy New Year and gets to do lots of fun stuff. I will be staying at work having a small work party with my late night crew since we all work until midnight anyway (squaresville I know, but I smuggled booze so not that bad). I also hope that I meet you in the same timeline next year with no weird changes. Party hard but stay out of any weird time machines whether they be blue boxes driven by madmen or look like really nice hot tubs. Better stay away from wardrobes to other dimensions and gateways with fractions as well.

Which timeline are you from?

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