Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hindsight On Hindsight 101

Spoiler warnings in case you have not yet watched the show Hindsight.

There is this new show on VH1 called Hindsight. I don't watch much TV anymore but the premise looked interesting so I thought what the hey hey. It's about this chick Rebecca Brady who is getting cold feet on her second wedding day. She's marrying a dude named Andy who just doesn't light her fire. Her father has gotten some young sparkle pony named Sabrina pregnant. She's still in the same shitty job she was in about 20 years ago and hasn't talked to her flaky fun house of a friend Lali (sp?) in ten of those years. Then she somehow time jumps and gets to relive everything. Fun.

So here's my first impressions.

The premise of this, combined with this chick and her new fiancée kind of reminds me of Sleepless in Seattle mixed with Back To The Future. The production value of this looks very Lifetime Movie Channel as well for some reason. Not that I'm complaining.
I really want to know why being married twice is being played out to be such a big deal here. Ross from Friends was married at least three to four times. I could understand it if it was only about the fact that she's getting older and her eggs are going rotten, or maybe she was some crazy partier or something and dating so many guys at once, but that's not the impression we get. Or at least not the one I get. She's very subdued, even in her flashbacks of herself, and all this emphasis is being placed on the second marriage itself. I mean yes, her bitchy cousin Pheobe and her mother Georgie do talk about children, but it's the marriage that gets the spotlight. This family loves Andy so it shouldn't be a huge deal.
Elevators are magical, so why do I insist on taking the stairs?
People on TV are the most graceful fainters in the world. Legit. When I got a really horrible flu in 8th grade and tried to walk up two flights of steps to get water, I almost passed out. I wound up stumbling in a dark kitchen while my vision darkened and slammed my arm on top of a table before crashing to my knees and almost falling face down on the floor. Why can't I just swoon properly?

 photo gracefulfainter.png
This, this is how you swoon.

Graceful as fuck looking.
My brother just walked into the living room and asked me if her brother Jamie was played by Keanu Reeves.

 photo maybekeanureeves.png

To be fair, it's not a horrible mistake to make.
I am now calling her hairstyle The Subtle Rachel.

 photo thesubtlerachel.png

Tell me I'm wrong.
I don't know about you but I already feel a kinship with Lolly/Lali/Molly? (I have no clue what they're calling her at this point or how to spell it. I could Google it, but fuck you) I really think if Hindsight takes off, we should get a Lolly/Lali/Molly centered spin off.
I do really like that they show that deep yearning to reconnect with her best friend in the beginning of the show (hey, if this show can time jump places, I can time jump topics). I almost always see shows where either the main character finds she's too cool for her old friend and there was a reason they lost touch, or they hate the hell out of each other. There's never anyone that truly misses what was, misses what that friend brought to their life, and just really wants it back. I know, I know, it's mainly because old friend is usually regulated to a guest actor, but still this was nice to see.
I miss my old Discman.
I really miss my overalls. I had like three pairs in the 90's, and a pair of shorts overalls. Apparently I was a part time farmer in the 90's.
You'd think that knowing what the next few years have been like Becca would have a quicker time deciding to marry him or not. If I really missed and loved my ex that much I would just call off the wedding and request couples counseling for the next three months or so. You'd get your answers there. I'm going to chalk this up to time jumper's jet lag.
I miss my fuzzy green scrunchy.
Oh Lolly-pop, no one liked AOHell back then. Even AOHell hated itself.
I'm kind of liking the 90's version of her mother. 00's mom sucked but this sassy one. I like it.

 photo nopretzels.png

"You bloat and you have an ugly cry-face, this is why you can't have pretzels." You tell her Georgie.
I'm now shipping Becca and poor man's Darius Rucker at the bar there.

 photo imsuchababyyeah.png

I bet dolphins make him cry.
Poor man's Heath Ledger is so cute. I'm getting her indecision now. I would absolutely re enact sexy Groundhog's Day with him.

 photo okguy.png

Look at that sexy little monkey.
That stupid grape, you're horrible and I hate you.

 photo excuseyourself.png

You've already excused yourself grape, and now you may leave.
By the by, I'm convinced that Lali/who-knows-at-this-point knew how awful Bitchy Pheobe would look in her grape costume and she was the final vote in getting those horrible bride's maid dresses because that's just the awesome type of friend she is. Taking one for the team Lolly-pop.
I think I just heard someone call her Wally and now I'm certain this show is fucking with me.
Five minutes left of this show and I'm not sure if I want Becca to get it on with Hootie and his Blowfish, Marry Lolly-pop, or have an amazing Thelma and Louise-esque trip across the states with her.
And it's over. I'm not sure if I truly like this new show, but I like it's premise and it has left me wanting to see more. So there's that.

Also, long live Queen Lolly-pop!
 photo lalli.png

Pet theory at this point: I think Hootie is a red herring and Lolly dabbles in witchcraft (because that is such a her thing to do). After Becca's call she cast a time spell so Becca could redo all her past mistakes. She is such a good friend.

P.S. Obviously all the screen shots were taken from VH1's website. I screenshotted them as I re watched Hindsight. I have no clue how sourcing pictures even works anymore if that wasn't already obvious.


  1. I hadn't heard about this show until I read this but the premise sounds interesting. I find myself daydreaming at work about this exact thing.

    Poor man's Darius Rucker, yes. I could def. see that one. Not sure about the others though. Is Lali the blonde? She's kinda cute ...even with the ugly cry-face. I'd totally give her my pretzels. Lol, that was a funny line. "fun house of a friend"? now I'm curious. Even if that's not the blonde. is it? Gah! Dammnit Addy now I'm gonna have to watch this show. See what you did to me!?!? :P

    Discman!! Yes i miss my discman too! So many fond memories of late nights listening to Smashing Pumpkins cds and playing air guitar while trying not to scream along with Billy Corgan cause i temporarily forgot that no one else could hear the music and its after midnight on a school/work night... good times.

    I hated AOL with the fire of a thousand suns. Even the commercials made em sick. They bombarded us with those stupid free discs so much that i gathered up a bunch and sent them to No More AOL CDs. They were planning to collect 1 million and then drop them all on AOL's doorstep. Not sure if they ever followed though on that, if they had I probably would have remembered.

    1. ugh..typo. the AOL commercials made *me* sick...though as you said, AOL hated itself so maybe the commercials made them sick, too? :-)

    2. Lali/Lolly/Lollapalooza is the brunette at the end. I think I might need to do more screenshots next time. :p And muahahhaha, yes, get addicted to a show because of me, my plan is complete. lol. Also, your blog is in private mode. ;_; You suckabutt!

      Or, what about walking with a Discman and all of a sudden you have to stand still or walk really slowly for a minute because it starts skipping? XD

      The only reason why I liked AOL is because it was so fucking easy to scam them. I think I got free internet for my whole high school career because of those discs. It was great.

    3. Told wifey about this show and she sounded interested. Maybe cause she thought it took place in the 80's haha...

      Yeah, walking with a discman was tricky. Driving with one was no picnic, either. I've never been so aware of speed bumps and grooved pavement!

      My blog Is public again...I dont really remember why I locked it but you didn't miss anything. I think I just didnt feel like blogging anymore... but I wanted to keep talking to you. :-)

    4. It would be neat if it took place in the 80's, but so many things are set in the 80's. It's the time hop favorite. lol. Kind of refreshing to see some 90's stuff. Most likely because I remember more of the 90's, I missed half of the 80's due to not being alive and the other half I only kind of remember due to being alive but really small, haha.

      Awww, thank you. ^_^ I like talking to you too.

      I just thought you accidently locked it. I know you've done that before. :p Silly.


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