Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Random Thoughts VII

I don't understand why some people think actors that take on a more intellectual character makes them intellectual or gives them depth as a person. Especially the actors that are perceived as being stupid people. I can understand it being a nice breather to see them portray an intelligent person but unless they came up with the lines on the script it doesn't mean jack. I just always thought that was odd. And it's not me reading their online comments or misunderstanding what these people are saying. Some people just really do think that smart script lines makes the actors themselves smart. Weird.
When I was younger I used to think that pizza crust was made by the workers rolling the pizza dough, but couldn't understand why it didn't look rolled up on the inside.
Sometimes I think it would be really awesome to be a mermaid, then I realize how fucking horrifying it would be to be a mermaid. There are way too many fish out there that eat other fish. Unless it's some sort of under the sea yuppie villa kingdom like in The Little Mermaid, or you had some inherent fish magic that made other fish either servants or steer clear of you, you'd be so screwed. I mean there's sharks for one, jellyfish for another. You also have barnacles which will just attach themselves anywhere. What if they get in your eyes? Then if you go really deep there are Angler Fish, which I swear are the meth heads of the sea.

angler fish photo: female angler fish angler_fish.jpg
source: Photobucket

Like seriously, look at it. No wonder Ariel wanted to sprout legs and get inside a damn house. I think if I was a mermaid I would spend my time trying to swim while curled up into a fetal position.

What is it about the ending 'ie' that makes a name feminine. Like Billy is masculine, but Billie is the feminine form. I know the letter 'y' kind of looks like a penis, but it is just a letter.

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  1. That is an interesting point about mermaids...I never realized how defenseless they would be. Also, angler fish are hideous! (Hanklerfish are cool though!)

    The y/ie at the end of a name...I dunno, I guess 'ie' looks softer and more feminine somehow? They're both pronounced the same so that's the only reason i could think of. I've had similar thoughts of how names/things end in 'o' or 'a' ...usually the 'o' is masculine and 'a' is feminine (latino/latina for example) but then why is a male coffee server a 'barista'? Shouldn't he be a 'baristo'?


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