Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Random Thoughts 10

Only in the goosebumps universe would the thought process, "Is that a kitty? Oh wait no, it's just an ugly sponge." Totally logical.

Do you think fireflies view the Fourth of July as one big, confusing mating signal?

Does anyone else find it incredibly hard to get motivated as an adult? Especially where cleaning my room is concerned, or things like that. I will go the whole Pipi Longstockings route and try to 'ground' myself by telling myself I can't go out to wherever until I get my room clean and either one of two things happen:

A. I instantly rebel against myself and think, "Well I guess we'll just stay inside away from society and read."

Or B. I laugh at myself and think, "I'm a smegging adult. I'll go out if I want to." and do it anyway.

I guess because my room is almost never actually dirty it's just cluttered, is the reason I don't care. I just annoy myself sometimes is all.

I'm watching the original Fly movie for the first time. It is an odd combination of overacting, underacting, and some continuity problems (a man gets smushed under a press but apparently the blood won't get on the coroners blanket?). Vincent Price's facial expressions are wonderous though. 

I love that a quite thrilling and creepy story can be told with minimal use of the gore, violence, and special effects that we've come to expect in modern horror movies. And I'll never grow tired of old school special effects. I think after 60 or so years it still stands firm. 

There were some bits that I found dragged a little, but that may also be because it's a really old movie and we all basically know the premise. Especially if you've seen the updated version with Jeff Goldblum. Sometimes when watching or reading anything that's been around for so long that everyone knows the story even without having ever watched it, I find myself getting slightly over eager to get to the 'good parts' that the set up feels like you're slogging through mud. I was not, however, prepared for the ending. I thought I knew the whole of the ending but apparently I didn't. It is more than just a fly screaming, 'Help me!' and that's all I will say.

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