Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Shut Up And Taste The Ice Cream

A week or two ago my sister flopped down on the couch next to me and proclaimed her boredom. I agreed to take her out for a fuck-it drive, but warned her ahead of time I had no destination in mind. While we were discussing plans to get the hell out of dodge, at least for an hour or two anyway, my Mom asked if we could take my younger brother to Wendy's to get an application. I said yes and after we got his application, and made him chase the car around the parking lot, I asked my sister if she wanted to go to Prigle's Creamery. It's a good drive from Dundalk (about 20-30 minutes) and she's never been there before. She was good to go especially because it was on my dime. After yelling my brother's name over the music he was listening to on his headphones, he confirmed that he would like to go too.

In retrospect, I believe the next 30 or so minutes of complaining was my fault. My brother is an impatient person and I don't think I clarified how far away this creamery was for him. I think about every eight or so minutes he took his ear buds out to thrust his face up to where the GPS was and ask where we were. Then he would sink back into the shadows of the back seat to listen to his music. It was actually quite funny beyond being annoying.

While driving I occasionally wondered if he even took time to take in the scenery at all back there. I kind of doubt it. He wanted to get there and back as quick as possible. His impatience was understandable, he's young first off. Secondly, he wanted to go running before a certain time. I didn't know about that beforehand, I just wanted to spend time with my siblings. I tried to tell him that we weren't getting home any faster so he might as well enjoy the ride he's on while he's on it. No use complaining this far into the trip.

On our way there I accidentally took a wrong turn. I was going to turn around but it only took us a mile out of our way so I didn't see a reason to do so. Our new route took us down a one lane road covered by a canopy of trees. While we were driving my sister and I noticed a small stream to the left side. The formation of the land and rocks created a small waterfall fed by a little green pool of water. Just as quick as it came by it went. If it was just me and my sister we would have gone back to take pictures but my brother was having none of it, and I couldn't stand his bitching.

Three minutes later we finally ended up at the creamery. I let them both get a quart to take home and share with the family. This sounds like I'm being a most excellent sister but the two quarts were for purely selfish reasons. If they bring home quarts to share my ice cream gets left alone longer than expected and I get to actually eat some before everyone eats it all. My brother got an ice cream sandwich which was absolutely huge. Even he had to admit that it was worth the drive. Possibly not the bitching, but definitely the drive. When we got home he didn't even go for his run even though he had plenty of time. Instead he opted to have a friend sleep over and play video games. I felt like flicking his ears.

The whole trip made me think about how impatient and unaware we all can be, at least some of the time. Especially when certain types of social media come into play like Vine or Twitter. Sure I could have whipped out my phone and Vine'd or taken pictures of the waterfall since we did slow down slightly for it, but it has been my experience that doing so sometimes takes you out of the moment. Some things, I feel, create such an intimate moment that they can't be fully enjoyed while scrambling for your camera or to open apps. Sometimes you really just have to shut up and taste the ice cream, or shut up and enjoy the car ride since you can't turn back right at that very moment. I know we live in a 'pics/vids or it never happened' world, still there's something nice sometimes about having a memory that only you experienced unadulterated by any outside influences clamoring for your attention. A lot can be missed in those few precious seconds taken trying to capture the moment. Not to mention all the time spent directly afterwards sharing with everyone around you, something I feel that takes away from the afterglow of the moment. More often than not these days I find myself saying 'Fuck it' when my hand strays to my phone, or taking a few moments longer to privately enjoy whatever is happening before me before I take a snapshot, even if that means missing the snapshot, and moving along my way.

Case in point, a couple of hours later I had to leave for work. I had just passed my block and was going down the next block over when I had to stop suddenly for some guy darting away across the road. About a second later a box of fireworks sitting on the right side went off. I briefly toyed with the idea of putting it on Vine then decided against it. I knew that in the time it would have taken to set everything up this impromptu show would have expired. Instead, laughing at the spontaneity of it all, I carefully drove my car under an archway of multi-colored lights.

It was such a quick and magical moment in an otherwise mundane setting that I still regret nothing about not capturing that scene anywhere other than in my own head.

I think I wrote this about a year or two ago. I re found a book of mine with tons of plots, story lines, prompts, and blog entries that I had written in it. I had a stay at home type of day on the Fourth of July full of these little moments (mostly the mundane and peaceful type, not the magical) that kind of reminded me of this entry I had written up, and true to form it took me three days after remembering to actually put it online. Well at least it wasn't a month.

I hope everyone that celebrates American holidays had a great Fourth. I spent mine getting slightly high and eating burritos while watching Netflix and reading American Psycho, than watching neighbors set off fireworks from my couch while my dog went crazy. I'm glad I stayed at home. I got to catch up on sleep and no one was there all day. It was so relaxing. I think the Fourth may be my favorite holiday after Halloween. I love closing my eyes after watching fireworks and watching the imprints of the lights dance across the inside of my lids. It's almost like a meditation and instant replay all in one. When I was younger I used to feel super lucky because no one I knew did this and I got to see fireworks twice.

I've ditched Vine these days for Instagram but I still dawdle when capturing moments before I've had time to enjoy them for what they are.

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