Thursday, October 8, 2015

Creepy Bucket List

I cannot believe that October is a quarter over. Why do months have to only be four weeks? October should be three months worth of weeks long with at least two Halloween's and Samhain's. According to the uptick in my blogging it would at least be good for this blog anyways. I don't know, October just makes me feel alive like no other month does sometimes.

Since I can't figure out what I want to actually do for Halloween, much less what or where I want to go for my road trip coming up in about three days, my mind has been scrambling for ideas. Throw in creepypasta that I have been reading and media I have been taking in, as well as my own boredom, and you get my creepy bucket list. Things that I want to do that are either creepy, related to October and Halloween, or occult in nature. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do a silly fictional one, much like my fictional world bucket list, or a non fictional one so I split my list of ten into two fives.

Fictonal Creepy Bucket List:

1. Introduce Winifred Sanderson to a dental plan. - Hocus Pocus

2. Do the dirty at Camp Crystal Lake. Get at me Jason... punk. - Friday the 13th

3. Bring Mulciber back from the dead. - Nightbreed comic circa '90-'93 (I think I could literally make a blog post about this in itself, I was so annoyed)

4. Get rid of "all the damn vampires" in Santa Carla with the Frog brothers. - Lost Boys

5. Marry into the Addams family. - The Addams family

Actual Creepy Bucket List:

1. Hold a séance, or some other ritual, in the catacombs of Paris. Ever since I saw that cult singer scene in As Above, So Below I've wanted to do it so badly.

2. Another Hocus Pocus one. I want to do a group costume so badly. Have two other people be Sanderson sisters with me and three other people be the kids, find someplace with Halloween karaoke, and reenact the musical scene from mahvelous introduction, to mahvelous ending.

3. Do a shadowcasting of either Rocky Horror or Repo! The Genetic Opera. But let's be honest, top pick is Rocky.

4. Visit the Mutter Museum.

5. Buy some weird ass thing from Obscura Antiques and Oddities. I've always wanted a curio cabinet.

As some of these are more easily done and feasible than others, I hope to at least get the last five done one day.

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