Friday, October 9, 2015

Halloween Inspired Drawing

My friend and I went to the monastery ruins at old St.Mary's College. The ruins are also known as Hell House and there are tons of rumors I've heard growing up about the old altar and remains of the swimming pool. Mostly about Satan and cult worship, although the swimming pool was rumored to be filled with blood. I can't remember why, and I'm too lazy to Google it right now, but it probably has something to do with Satan and cult worship. I'm doing a small zine for a swap partner about the strange things in Maryland and wanted to get some photos. Sadly the remains of the altar with the black cross is gone and the pool is filled up, but I did get pictures of some of the neat and cute graffiti that surrounds the area.

I got these anti-stress coloring books (This book in particular is called Art Nouveau: Coloring for Everyone) and this page is by far my favorite. I wanted to see if I could make one like it. Then I decided to add ghosts and shit because October and because I was having a hard time coming up with something abstract. So here's a small art tutorial for the hell of it.

I started by folding the page "hot dog style" and drawing half of my design. I tried to leave just enough spacing between objects and shapes for when I had to ink it in later.

Then I drew a border on the right half and folded it. I rubbed very hard all over with the bottom of the inking marker I was using. I probably should have used some sort of craft popsicle stick or something but fuck that noise all I had was a marker.

Some of the pencil lines showed up on the other side and I could ink in some drawings with just those alone. Other shapes I had to either ink little by little and keep folding the page, or just make sure I did it quickly before the ink dried if it was small enough. Some of it didn't quite match up like I wanted it to, mostly because I drew a little too close to the center and it overlapped. Next time I'll probably leave a bit of space because it seems like it would be better to have to extrapolate lines.

After inking in everything and erasing all the pencil lines (may I just say that Pigma Sensei inking pens are great but the eraser it comes with is almost complete shit), I decided to color in the background with a black colored pencil. I wanted to use some of the larger markers but I didn't want to dry them out as I still need to use them and don't want to have to rebuy them just yet. I was also afraid of the ink bleeding on the paper and screwing up some of the lines that are close to each other. It's the same reason I didn't use any watercolor paint. Even my smallest brush is a little too big.

While I don't think it came out too bad, I think next time I'll either try to ink or paint it regardless of how much of a pain in the ass that seems. Or I'll wait until coloring everything in before blacking out the background. Since the coloring pencil is a ...well, a pencil, the broadness of the tip differs depending on when you last sharpened it. That means that some of the lines and shapes got a bit distorted and crowded regardless. Not too horribly though. Also, coloring with it left dust that grayed and smudged into the white spaces. I had the brilliant idea to try and use the eraser on it and it kind of worked, but if it accidentally went outside of any of the blank spaces it left a halo effect around them. Just minor annoyances all around.

The background did smear into some of the coloring though, which sucked ass. Hopefully you can't see it with the size of the picture and the potato I took the picture with. I tried enlarging some of these but then the resolution is shit. I'm sorry.

So there you  have it. My first art tutorial for a drawing style that I have no clue what it is called. Coloring book style? I don't know, whatever. Maybe you learned something. Specifically to leave space when doing something like this and that colored pencils can be assholes.


  1. How was your halloween? It's been forever!

    1. Mine was pretty good. Not horrible by past recent Halloween standards. And yours?


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