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Protection Ritual For Ghost Hunters

October is upon us and it's almost Halloween time. Hush, hush, it's always almost Halloween time.

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After boredom had set itself into our bones, my friends and I decided to go on a midnight trip to Todd's Inheritance, also known as Todd's Farm.

It is a farm near Fort Howard and reported to be haunted. Rumor says that the figure of the woman holding a candle in the top window of the farm can be seen. They say that she is waiting for her soldier to return from the war. There also are supposed to be the apparitions of slaves hanging from the trees around the farm. I was also told by friends I used to hang out with that the house used to have some eagle mount or statue above the door. If you were driving towards Fort Howard park it would be right side up but when you drove back the other way it would mysteriously flip and be upside down. There were also stories of it changing color from black to white or vice verse depending on what way it was facing. I've tried looking online for any story like that but to no avail. That rumor may have been truly local and particular to that circle of friends.

As you can see we found nothing that night. My pictures may or may not have been taken with a smartpotatophone, so there's also that. The only thing strange that we encountered were malfunctions to our GPS. It has been my experience that Todd's Inheritance always seems to mess with my GPS. Never anywhere else on that road but there. Usually when driving by it the road disappears off the map and everything goes either green or blue as if you were driving over water or land. This time our car icon kept jumping ahead on the map to past Todd's farm then going back to it's original location on the GPS. Some of our phones also rapidly lost about 30% charge power. Take from that what you will.

We didn't actually go on the property but respectfully stayed beyond the gates. Although it does seem that it is open as a museum to the public. At least according to their Facebook page that is. Regardless of whether you believe in the stories of ghosts or not, the house does have a lot of interesting history behind it that is definitely worth a Google search at the very least.

That being said, being the cautious pagan that I am, before we went I decided to do a blessing over our car and the car's inhabitants which I will now share with you. 

First consecrate some water to make it holy. There are many ways to do this. Here is a link with ways to consecrate water.

The way I did it was to have some water  in a bowl and have some sea salt from a grinder, or table salt, in a different bowl. Hold each bowl above your head and ask the Gods to cleanse the element of water or earth, depending on which bowl you're holding up at the time, while visualizing a white light coming down from the sky and running into, over, and surrounding the bowl you're holding. 

Then add the salt to the water. After that I took a knife and hold it above my head and visualized the same thing. Just pure white light running down into the knife, from the knife to my hands, and into my body, filling it with a cleansing glow. Then I said,

 "As above, so below." 

After that I plunged the knife into the bowl, visualizing all that power and energy flowing from the knife into the water.

It's not really necessary to do the last part I just thought it gave it a bit of an extra oomph. And obviously you can change some of the words and the deity to suit your own if you want. This is just how I personally do this.

After that I took the bowl outside. I began to circle the car. As I did this I dipped my fingers in the water and sprinkled and flung it on the car while I chanted,

"Earth, air, fire, and water,
Protect us and stay with us.
Earth bind the spirits,
Air blow them away,
Fire burn them away,
Water wash them away.
Earth, air, fire, and water,
Stay with us."

You can also say earth bind the evil and so on, and so on, which I also did.

After that I just walked up while continuing the chant to each of the people that were going with us, sprinkling it about their feet and on them. I also sprinkled some on myself as well.

So there you have it. Just a simple protection ritual to protect your car and people in it from having anything stick to them after ghost hunting. I don't know about you but I don't like stragglers. You could probably use this in a banishment ritual as well.

So who is excited for Halloween/Samhain, and how do some of you ghost hunters protect yourself? If you do at all, of course. Perhaps you are more secular and less pussy than I.

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