Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Return Of Shit My Girl Scouts Say

The life of a Girl Scout leader is one filled with love, inspiration, tons of volunteer work, and weird, funny, sarcastic teenagers and preteens. These are just some of the highlights of shit I got to hear from my scouts at camp this weekend.

"Party at my house! Bring food and then leave! Alright!"

Leader: When you wash your dishes you have to wash an extra dish and it can't be a fork.
Scout: Can it be a spoon?
Leader: ....no.

Scout: Can we walk to the stone? I saw a stone outside and I want to walk to it.
Leader: Stay inside we're all going to go outside shortly.
Scout: But we're not going to go to the stone I can guarantee it!
(I honestly have no clue what their fascination was with this stone, but apparently it was very important.)

"I need a post nap time nap."

"Hey Addy! We had a fat girl revelation! Pie iron tacos!"
(Apparently it never occurred to them that you can make quesadillas or soft tacos in a pie iron. Fun fact, if you don't have a fireplace or fire pit, or a grill, and you really want an actual pie iron pie, you can just use the stove top.)

Me: You know, for 20 cents Taco Bell will put sriracha on anything.
Scout: *gives me an intense stare* Talk dirty to me.

My scouts found a random dead blue jay on the side of our cabin and decided to hold a funeral for it, so I got to witness this from out the window.
"Should we say a prayer?"
"Let's say the pledge of allegiance!"
This was after they sang/screeched the national anthem as the funeral dirge. It was the most patriotic bird funeral we ever saw.

One of our younger scouts of the group saw a sign that said some workers would be pruning trees in a few weeks.
Scout: Where's the prune tree?
Leader: There is no prune tree.
Scout: But that sign says they're going to be taking the prunes off the trees.

Scout 1: *shows a picture of her "friend" to another scout* He's my boo.
Scout 2: Ew! Don't call that ugly your boo!

Scout 2: Why are you licking your pants?
Scout 1: Because they have toothpaste on them.
(Yes these are the same two 'boo' scouts.)

We were teaching the kids new verses of the Wish Song to see which ones they liked so we could teach the Daisies and they could help them.
Leader: I wish I was a little race car, I'd go speedy, speedy over every body's feety.
Scout: Same.

A bunch of our scouts were in a corner talking about how a leader's snoring kept them awake. All of a sudden we hear a loud clapping and our kids started to chant:
"I didn't get no sleep because of ya'll! Now ya'll can't get no sleep because of me!"

The 'boo' scout had this cute Hello Kitty footie pajama type sleeping wear that had a butt flap that buttoned closed and was rough housing with her friend Scout 2 from above. I then got to add this to the list of things I thought I'd never hear myself say until I became a Scout Leader:
Me: Can we please stop punching each other? And please stop trying to pull her butt flap down!

Before bed our kids were singing songs in a corner by themselves. They started to sing let it go which quickly morphed into the national anthem and what little they knew of God Bless America (I still have no clue why they were so patriotic this weekend).
Me: How did it turn from Frozen to that?
Scout: Because 'Murica!

Leader: Alright, JessJess said quiet time in half an hour, is that good with you guys?
Scout: What? No! *looks at us defiantly and starts to chant* I didn't get no sleep because of ya'll! Now ya'll can't get no sleep because of me!

Leader: Go put your clothes on and get dressed.
Me: Go get all packed up too.
Leader: One direction at a time here.
Scout: *giggles* You said one direction.

This post was supposed to be my delayed Festival of Trees post, but things got kind of screwed up with imgur so it will have to wait for either tomorrow or Thursday. I finally got a new phone. I went from the 4s to the 6s and it's like a completely different world. Although I wish I would have known that not absolutely everything gets sent over when they switch your information from one phone to another. The notes app where I had about 12 different story ideas, from one shots and short stories like I do on the blog to actual novels, and whole scenes and passages for those stories are now all gone and I have to try and remember everything all over again. I mean, it's a good thing I can remember practically everything but then there's always that worry that you've forgotten like half of it.

Also, some of my apps are not working like they used to, specifically my blogger app. It was so easy to post pictures directly from my phone but now I found out it didn't save my specifications on photo resolution and doesn't give me options for changing it. I'm glad that's basically the only thing wrong though.

So I have been pre-occupied, obviously and I'm sorry about that. I was going to blog earlier but my phone was so out of date that it wouldn't even let me use my wifi anymore for the last month I had it. It's also why I never got to do the last installment of Hindsight on Hindsight. Then my sister gave birth to this beautiful little guy and I've been focusing all my energy on trying to get baby time in as much as possible.

He makes the cutest baby burrito I've ever seen, I am absolutely in love.

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