Saturday, April 29, 2017

30 Day Letter Challenge: Your Crush

Hey you,

Yeah, you know who you are. Or at least you do now, I guess. I know it would never happen between us, and that's not some pessimistic outlook taking over. You are way too gay and not in the slightest bisexual...and you're married. But I have a huge crush on you and it feels so weird because I only have a crush on you when you're in drag. The ass, hips, and tits. I know they're not real but damn do they look good. Especially on you.

I'm going to be honest, I blame the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I saw Tim Curry in what I can only call goth whore quasi-drag and I've never been straight since in so many more ways than one.

There's more to it than your looks, of course. You're kind and sweet. You treat me like family and have ever since the first time we met. You're hilarious and talented. You are one of the most loving and giving people I have ever met, and I am glad to call you friend....while I admire your drag figure when I think that no one is looking.

I'm so sorry I have the 'male gaze' hardcore when you're dancing around (or is it the lesbian gaze since I'm a girl and you're dressed as one? What is it called when the bisexuals do it?). It's odd, I know it is. And if you ever actually found out about this you'd probably laugh at me and slightly roast me for it before giving me a hug. That's just another reason why I adore you. You have the greatest attitude about everything.

You're great and amazing and I adore you,

I'm going to be honest, I have way too many crushes. This was actually hard to pick. I fall head over heels every time I look around. There's just so many glorious people that surround me and I find something great in so many people that I meet.

I picked this one because I just came back from a drag show and was reminded of my crush so this person was foremost on my mind. I told you, I only have a crush when they're in girl mode.

Who's your crush?

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