Sunday, April 30, 2017

30 Day Letter Challenge: Your Parents

Mom and Dad,

I just wish that you both were better. 

I've spent so many, too many, years and moments thinking about all the ways you've let me down and hurt me. I just want to move on, truly move on from the past. It's just so hard sometimes. There will be times when I am having a good conversation with you and then a well of anger will surface and I have to fight with myself to not let it show. My past permeates my very being, it is not a case of just forgetting and forgiving but of living with and forgiving for. 

I do love you both, greatly. And I'm glad that, especially now that I'm older, our relationship is getting repaired and is doing better. I just wish sometimes that there wasn't anything to repair. 

Also, Mom, you can do so much better than my step dad. Seriously.

And Dad, you gotta stop killing yourself with that shit. Seriously. I don't recognize you sometimes.

This was super short, but I like it that way. The things I wanted to say have been boiled down to their main components and are said. I also don't want to delve too much into other things I wanted to say, not on here and not right now anyway. I wish I could have made this funny. Oh well. 

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