Wednesday, May 3, 2017

30 Day Letter Challenge: Your Dreams And Your Siblings

Dear Dreams,

Look, I haven't given up on you yet. You've always stayed constant through out my life and you always will. I may have added to you, but I haven't thrown you into the trash yet. Just stick with me, don't go away and attach yourself to someone else to achieve, I'm still working towards you. We'll be together soon.

I'm coming for you,

Dear Siblings,

I just want to thank you for sticking by me through absolutely everything and always being there for me. You were part of my reason for living and going on through my depression. You've always treated me like family even when nobody else did. 

We've had our ups and downs but I'm so happy it's always been more ups. I do wish that I was closer with two of you, but you and I are still young and there's time thank the Gods. Although to be honest you'd never know I didn't spend every waking minute by you by the way that we act together. 

Sis, I love watching you and my nephew grow together. You are such a good mom and your boyfriend is a great father. I'm so proud of both of you and I can't stop smiling whenever I look at or think of that sweet little boy of yours. I know that motherhood can be hard especially for someone so young, but you are so great at it and you should know that you are one of the best first moms I've ever seen.

Baby Brother, please do better in school. Bring that homework in, I know that's where most of your bad grades are coming from. You are way too smart to be failing. And don't quit. You're only in 11th right now. As it stands I'm actually afraid that you may have to repeat your grade, but aside from that you only have a year or two more to go. You can do this! Trust me, a good and completed education is so worth it. 

Little Brother, I am so goddamn glad you do not take after your father. Your new girlfriend is awesome and you're both really super cute together. Please keep being awesome. You always wow me with how kind and giving you are, and adventurous as well. I love seeing pics from all the crazy things you do and places you see. Don't ever lose that sense of adventure and keep doing great in college. 


Somehow I skipped a day in there. I did not realize that. Probably my fault for posting at around 3am every single time. 

I wasn't going to write a letter to each one of my siblings, so I tried to just write to them all together but apparently that's hard to do. Meh. Three little asides for each of them then. 

What's something you'd write to your sibling?

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