Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Last Blog Post........On Blogger And I'm Moving

No I am not giving up on blogging, I have just made my own site on Wix and have moved to another place, so this is my last post on blogger. This site will still remain up as long as blogger allows it though. I might reference an older post or I might do a throw back Thursday type thing every now and then on the newer blog with old stories I've written that I have wanted to rewrite or edit. Because I love nothing more than procrastinating and putting in the least amount of effort with the most amount of recognition or praise. It's so fetch.

I've been having mixed feelings about being on blogger for years. I have had trouble trying to mess with my layout without massively messing up how things were.....laid out. I've been aggravated with the fact that for some reason I kept having issues putting up pictures on my blog to the point where I had to download the blogger app onto my phone and put up pics on there in the order I want them, then either write the blog through the app, or going onto the site itself on a computer and then editing and writing the post there. But that's all old hat now. I'm on Wix from now on. I really like how everything is so customizable and easy to do so. It's amazing and quick. No this is not an ad, but someone can pass it on to Wix that I am willing to accept money for the glowing review.

Please follow me on Twitter: @AdorablyDead1 where I tweet and pin new posts to make sure you don't miss me!

On to other news:

When I was younger I was surprised to learn that there were Native American people indigenous to Maryland because I disliked living here so much I honestly never thought anyone else would willingly choose to live here no matter what time period.

True story.

Whenever my Mom would ask me what I was going to do when I grew up it was always the little kid equivalent of "getting the hell out of here." Then I grew up and realized that mental health, money issues, and familial ties were a thing...and a bitch. But now my siblings are all grown up and I have Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends and the ties that keep me here in Maryland are growing weaker and weaker.

Oddly enough I don't hate Maryland. I have weird state and city pride for someone that wants to get the hell out of dodge so much. I just think that it's a nice place to visit but not to live. I have way too many bad memories that keep getting in the way and I can't seem to better myself while I live here. Not for long anyway. Something always gets messed up. However, I promised myself at 18 I'd leave and I'm 32 now. This state and city has just run its course.

I have a friend who lives in Erie which is where I'm going to move in December. I'll actually be able to live on my own without a house full of people, or a house where people are always yelling at each other. I can actually make a fresh and new start since she will be the only person that will know me there and the cost of living is much lower than Baltimore. I'll have my own room again and it will be completely furnished so all I have to do is cull all the material possessions owning me and bring what I need to bring. And I'll have an 8 hour buffer zone between me and Maryland....I really need that buffer zone.

My postings will probably be even more sporadic than usual as I try and work my ass off to save up money for the move, find a job, and pack and prepare.

Here's to hoping for brighter days though and I will catch you on the flip side come December. Smooches pooches y'all.